Thursday, November 5, 2015

REACH Initiative (Backstory)

While the TEACH Initiative did well (by government standards) to educate the products of the baby farms, it did little to rehabilitate the inmates, most of whom had little initiative to play an immersive educational tool that was less than cleverly disguised as a game.

Thus, the REACH Initiative.

Where TEACH was built such that a participant to interact with others, both in your cell block and around the world, REACH was locked down to each individual. People in the vicinity might be simulated using their own REACH profiles, but there was no true cross-communication. This simulated non-isolation, in addition to real and artificial doctors, was the means that was intended to turn formerly destructive, non-participatory members of society into productive member with no use of brain washing and minimal coercion.

It was known that REACH did not work for everybody, but it's success rate was far enough above that of the rehabilitation methods of the previous millennia that it was deemed "good enough."

Furthermore, the character profiles from graduating members of REACH would be imported into TEACH to jump-start them on their way to a brighter future.

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