Friday, November 6, 2015

NICHE Initative (Backstory)

REACH and TEACH have their own separate purposes, to rehabilitate and to educate, in that order. However, some that complete the REACH program have no intentions on continuing their educations and expanding the horizons, and so they would otherwsie fall through the craks.

Enter NICHE, a stripped down immersive game featuring most of the playfighting and none of the educational material. However, NICHE participants are not allowed all of the benefits and rewards of TEACH players.

Where TEACH allows for some player-vs-player action, formation of teams, and tournaments, NICHE strictly minimizes cross-player violence. It's a tradeoff that leaves some players wanting, as it is intended to do, and occasionally such players will convert their accounts to TEACH for the full experience.

All three Initiatives were built intended to cross-interact and carry information and profiles between them, which is periodically an inevitable necessity when one REACH graduate has to return from TEACH and be treated for Immersive World Addiction.

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