Sunday, November 1, 2015

JW: In the Beginning

Treed Hound Think Tank was led by Dr Avery Green, Dr Douggy Fhurr, Dr Alfred Spruse and Johnson Leans-Into-The-Wind Birch. They were the group behind researching and developing the drug that empowered the human vomeronasal organ, as well as the drug class necessary for reassigning terran animals' alpha designation to a set human.

After the World Government purchased their contract for an alternate form of interpersonal conflict, the four disbanded the think tank and went their separate ways. Dr Green and Dr Spruce founded two competing schools of thought for training and managing what came to be known as "packs;" Dr Fhurr was sentenced to a prison after several personal indisgressions came to light; and Mr. Birch wandered out into lands reclaimed by nature, embracing his Native tribal roots on the very ground they resided upon nearly two thousand years before.

Their lead programmer, who managed the program that processed their data on the Chinese server farm, married the liaison to the farm, and together, John D Rockefeller XII and Joann Kim moved to Denver to start a family.

After many unsuccessful attempts at natural and artificial insemination, the couple adopted a baby boy from what was once the Colorado Springs Correctional Institude. Instead of availing themselves of the full-immersion educational tools provided by the CSCI, the Rockefellers opted to homeschool their son, with curriculum that included frequent and regular teleconferences with Johnson Birch.

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