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The Swords System

Swords System

Sun: Cra-c45

Mraton is the innermost planet, and very close to Cra with a year that is only 43 Earth-days long. Its irregular orbit wobbles in and out of the sun's heat sphere.There are rumors that it once was Cra's twin.

Omr is the next innermost planet, and though it still suffers very hot temperatures, it has native lifeforms adapted to the climate. Omr is also home to an infamous red-light district that has very few governmental laws restraining it.
Tran is third, and is a large Earth-like planet that houses two native races, the Ekair and the Norg, and a large population of emigrated Humans. Tran has two moons, Helai (HEH-lai) and Halei (HAH-lei). The former is large and has a high albedo, and is regarded to be a good omen; the latter is smaller and is more often than not eclipsed. When Halei leaves its eclipsed state, it is considered a very bad omen. Sailors' tales associate it closely with "dark gates," though it is widely open to interpretation what these gates lead to.

Ramtr supposedly is an escaped moon of Tran, though astronomical data on the subject is unconfirmed. It has no atmosphere of its own, though artificial domes have been installed on the surface to allow it to serve as a place for mining, manufacturing, and transportation. It is tidally locked to Cra.

On the light side, installations focus on plant importing and growing for the purposes of decoration and food. The dark side installations tend to be oriented toward exporting mined resources.

Moter is the fifth planet and is inhabitable due to fallout from the ongoing war that engages its moons.

Kema is a small moon and closest to Moter. For those who live here, it's quite easy to see how the old way of war should be avoided. They can see the scars and holes that had been made on Moter. It has served to keep the people here quiet, silently disapproving on how Ater and Damas' peoples seem to have brought the past with them.

Tem is the largest of Moter's moons. It has no life because its scarlet dirt is poison to the touch. It's actually the reason that Kema hasn't seen Ater and Damas battles, since they can't set a base there and that the distance directly to Kema is too far.

Damas and Ater 

The peoples on these moons haven't spoken since the leaders of both had come up with the robots that calculate attacks and those which dispose of the 'killed'. It's just seen as an act of war if either moon's death count doesn't match what the attack had taken--and because of the peace this grants the living, it's a high requirement to go to the death chambers if you're 'blessed' with the right printout. They've done this so neatly, so perfectly, for so long that it's almost an automatic reaction.

Makai is a small ice rock that orbits the furthest from Moter, that may have once orbited Nor.

Nor is a mall ice planet. People in the governments are trying to determine if it's worth mining. There could be no life by all appearances but there are distorted signals that satellites keep picking up. It's thought that these signals are simply from lost drones or old ships from Moter's moons.

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