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MindGames Species

Species: Ekair
A peaceful yet easily frightened snakelike race that prefers to live in humid areas or in the oceans.
Characters: Leslie Caro | Shannaire

They are typically dark and dull colors of green, blue, and gray, though the lead female is usually brownish red. Only she has the rights to bear young and she will lay eggs with half formed fetuses twice a year. It takes about thirty moons for the young to come from the thin sheathes and they often hide in long grass until they've gained their first foot in length.

Other females that become pregnant have to sneak their eggs in with what the lead has already put down--no one ever said they could really count!

As they age, they grow longer vs wider (unless there's some illness or gluttony) with the oldest of the race being 14 feet long. The longer they get is the deeper they stay out of sight--many ground people have accidentally caught the young with those awful fishing nets and hooks. Usually they're released and they tell what is considered wild stories when they return to their clan.

After all, everyone knows that the creatures above aren't even smart enough to properly catch actual food! How could they ever manage to even make vocalizations?

Certain ones in this race learn enough magic or science tricks to appear as a bipedal species. The magics aren't the most perfect and they must stay in humid locations. Best way to tell that you're speaking to an Ekair is to look for the thin gills that remain with the magic but be careful to not be too obvious, lest you scare them into hiding.

Ekair Genetic Variations

Ekairs age and mature more slowly than humans, their adolescence extending into their thirties in Earth years, with one exception.

Periodically, an Ekair is born with no magical talent whatsoever, and these tend to mature more quickly than their magically-gifted siblings and cousins. What causes this genetic anomaly is unknown, but with the increase of technological science, it has grown more frequent. Scientists studying Ekair genetics believe that this change is encouraged by providing those few magicless Ekairs with a means to support themselves, both on and off their home planet.


Species: Human
Home: Earth That Was/Three
Humans are visually and biologically indistinguishable from their forefather from Earth That Was, even accounting for inevitable genetic drift. Humans can mate and breed with Norgs
Characters: Alvah Randall | Chill | Cree Raft | Don Heith | Lizard Randall | Per Minec | Shanha | Shaun Holt | Tre


Species: Norg
A race that prefers mountain regions and is physically similar enough to humans that there are many crossbreeds.
Characters: Shanha

These guys are based somewhat on the rock people of Zelda (Gorons) with a dash of fire-elemental that would have been shown in Awakening the Inferno, had I known how to continue. Not every one of them has the strongest of fire-blood, so they are best absolutely anywhere that there are rocks. The ones with strong fire-blood prefer to be inside the mountains or anywhere that the fire is above ground.

For the rock group: This part of the race likes to study other peoples and are almost always able to be in the towns without having to hide themselves. They're seen as the safer, more honest group because of their lack of 'trickery' (though of course, the rumors aren't always true).

For the fire group: They cast illusions over themselves to appear as another race. These illusions are easy to see through if you know what to look for. Without their illusion their skin is more cracked, showing the lava, than those of the rock-type. I can't think of the proper creature off the top of my head. And I'm sorry if my description of them isn't at all helpful.

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