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MindGames Encyclopedic Dictionary

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ad-hoc network- a network set up by a network of nodes distributed through the area, each piggy-backing off the next, with actual sources, sewers, or modems connected intermittently to choke-points in the network. In Vidar's Greater Cave, waste, water, and internet access all run on ad-hoc networks.

cutting- a method of shuffling the cards that is intended to produce some randomizing for dealers who are capable of performing the faro. it involves splitting the deck into two uneven piles and putting the pile from the top underneath the pile from the bottom.

Earth That Was- this is the historical birthplace of the modern human race, and due to loss of accurate historical data, its location has been lost. However, due to many physical resemblances to Earth That Was, it is rumored that Three is Earth That Was, but there is no way to outright verify or disprove these rumors.

eccentricity- refers to the deviation from circular of a particular orbit

faro- a perfect riffle, where the cards are perfectly alternated.

gee- abbreviated "gravity." this form of gravity is predominantly used when referring to the gravity rating of a particular area, zero-gee being no or negligible gravity, and one-gee being 9.8 m/s2 (for historical reasons as the default gravity on Earth That Was).

gravity well- the region around a planet which is affected by the planets gravity, in which it is easier to travel toward the planet than away. the deeper you are into the gravity well, the easier it is to go down, and the more difficult it is to go up.

HUD- heads up display, a display the appears on goggles, helmets and other types of transparent displays to show data and information without blocking the view.

inclination- refers to the degree away from parallel to a system's orbital plane an orbit is. maximum inclination is +/- 90 degrees. Planet's inclinations are compared to the Sun's orbital plane; moons to their planet's orbital plane, which may or may not be the same are said planet's sun.

OPB- Off-Planet Betting, a company grown form OTB, a company that remotely broadcast and ran betting books on horse-racing

riffle- a method of shuffling by which cards a bent and alternated. causes more damage to the cards but minimizes exposure of the faces when compared to other methods of shuffling.

sens-dep tank- short for sensory deprivation tank. A tank within which a person lays, and their tactile inputs are remotely controlled. Early sens-dep tanks used water as a lubricant and gravity-nullification agent, but newer models use magnetic fields or genuine zero-gravity.

shuffle- any of a number of methods of rearranging cards in a deck

space elevator- an elevator that extends out from a planet's surface into space.

tidal locking- when one face of a planetary body is always facing another. According to wikipedia, when the revolutions speed is the same as the orbital speed. Tidally locked planetary bodies: Piff and Puff (Pentacle system), Ramtr (Swords system), Luna (Cups system)

waldo- a motorized robot controlled by gloves worn by the operator, usually with finger-like tooled appendages.

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