Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Character: Umayyad Corvus

Name: Umayyad Corvus
Vitals: A large black male crow, 26" beak-to-tail, age unknown
Location: England
Magical Ability: Blending, can make himself ignored to un- and low-talented gifteds
Magical Knowledge: Extensive
Profession: Companion to Daya Kerrin

Umayyad is a companion to Daya. He serves as friend, confidant, aid, and familiar, though he is a wholly independent being. Early on, Daya is certain he is merely a hallucination, a side effect of her mental disorders or the drugs she takes that are supposed to help her manage her symptoms.

Umayyad is a large black crow. He has the ability to prevent ungifted and low-gifted people from paying attention to him, though this is neither an illusion nor an invisibility gift. This ability does not work against those with strong magical gifts from noticing and paying attention to him, but these are also the sort of people who would not find it unusual to see a bird hanging around a human.

He can understand English, Italian, French, and German speech, and write (with his claws) and read in English. He also knows Morse code.

Umayyad is very knowledgeable about magic he has experienced and perceived. His has perfect memory and is excellent at making deductions.

Both his age and true lifespan are unknown, even to himself. He feels time pass differently from humans, but considers keeping track of how much has gone by as trivial. Umayyad believes in living in the moment.

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