Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Character: Daya Kerrin

Name: Daya Kerrin
Vitals: 5'6" Human female, 20 years old, suffers from bipolar disorder
Location: England
Magical Ability: Animal affinity, primarily with birds
Magical Knowledge: Minimal, ignorant of her own ability
Profession: Bicycle messenger

Daya suffers from bipolar disorder, and as a result, believes that her friend and companion, Umayyad, is actually a hallucination and not real. She emigrated to England from the US when she was 18, and works as a bicycle messenger in London.

Her magical ability is affinity and communication with animals with a specialty toward birds, though she is initially ignorant of this. She is aware of magic in the world, but has minimal knowledge of its capabilities and the magical community.

She lives alone and has very few close friends, and those she does have live in the US.

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