Thursday, November 20, 2014

Wishing Well (Shanha, Part 1)

She wrapped herself in a well-worn trenchcoat that covered her trim figure from shoulder to toned calves. Leaning against the cold brick wall beside the back door, Shanha carefully counted her night's take. It was five in the morning, and she was exhausted, but the bundle of bills buoyed her up.

Four hundred credits plus assorted foreign bills. She'd get them converted on her day off which was... not tomorrow. She shook her head, the days blurring into each other. She quickly tucked the bills into a deep inner pocket and zipped it shut, then slipped through the door into the rainy morning.

She looked up at the sky, grey and unforgiving. Blinking water out of her eyes, she pulled darkened sunglasses over her eyes and watched droplets splatter on the lenses. Sighing, Shanha walked toward her apartment, keeping her eyes on the dim shadows around her; it was a bad part of town.

At the door, a shape materialized out of the hanging eaves.

"Not today, I've got rent due yesterday." She brushed past the familiar face, even as he tugged at her elbow.

"Come on, sweetheart, there's a new deal in town and it's just begging for your financing."

"I said no."

"Sweetie, don't do this to me, this is a once in a lifetime deal. Big payout."

She hesitated.

"There you go, just give it a listen." He started into a spiel, and she could feel her heartstrings pulling.

Shanha shook her head and pulled her arm away. "No, I have rent. Try me next week."

"Next week this offer won't be open."

"But you always have another one."

He hesitated, and then nodded. "Yeah, Sweets, I guess I do. Sorry to hear you'll be missing this one. See you next week." He faded back down under the low eaves.

She caught her breath, and then continued into the dark tenement, shaking the water from her coat as she crossed the threshold.

Character: Shanha
Location: Swords system | Omr planet

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