Sunday, November 23, 2014

Windows (Shaun, Part 2)

Shaun stared out the windows, paying no attention to the lesson. He held his head in his hands, zoning out.

"Nothing interesting ever happens."

"Is that so, young man?" The snap of a ruler woke him from his reverie.

To his surprise, he didn't jump, though he'd been unaware of her approach. "Yes. It is so," he said in a slow, drawn out voice, dry with lost amusement.

"In that case, Mr Holt, maybe you'll find some excitement down at the dean's office."

"Perhaps." He slipped out of the classroom, his footsteps soft and lacking enthusiasm, but instead of leading him to the office, they led him outside.

Character: Shaun Holt
Location: Cups system | Three planet

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