Saturday, November 22, 2014

Unobscured (Tre)

a wish for the watching, you'll never get close
making from your skin and bones;
it's hopeless to see
soon inevitably you'll be left alone.

a wing sprouts from your dream,
a thought of bondage that seems
to be nothing but peace;
lies knee-deep

a warning all that I can offer,
drains like blood from your coff'
you'll never get back
they know you suffer.


he fears what he reads
reading another's words,
signs of scuffles
that still cause hurt;

blot out the words,
still know what they say:
they do apply to
the cards you lay.

amazing what magic
comes from my mid,
you'll hate the words
you lead me to find.

Character: Chill | Tre
Location: Cups system | Three planet
Extra: The Whole Message

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