Thursday, November 6, 2014

The waters stir! Leslie has found a shiny thing!

"Where did you pick it up? Do you know what it is?" Several of the Ekair young were swimming quick circles around Leslie, who hovered closest to the eldest female.

"O-Of course I know what it is!" a young Leslie protectively wrapped her length around a bauble that shone with an inner light, "I mean lookit!"

The elder settled herself into a comfortable curl, drawing Leslie further away from the youngest, "Then please do tell us all."

"You can't tell? I mean...really, look!" The excited child held out the stone again, "It's glowing because it'" She looked at it again, "Well, it came from above but I think that they kidnapped it from somewhere. Look! The light means it's alive!"

"Does it?"

"Of course! I mean, it stopped glowing when Bran reached for it! It didn't like him! And," Leslie's voice dropped to a whisper, "everybody knows that he's always taking stuff from people. It was able to tell he was going to do it!"

"Are you sure that it wasn't just the shadow?"

"The glow's coming from the inside."

"That doesn't..." The elder paused, watching as Leslie's own shadow come over the rock again, in her protective hold. Oh...I imagine it can't hurt to let her play for a little while. 

Character: Leslie
Location: Swords system | Tran planet

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