Sunday, November 9, 2014

Talent Scout (HR, Part 1)

He straightened, rubbing the ore-rich dust between the fingers of his spacesuit. HR regretted that the pressurized done wasn't installed yet, as he preferred to feel each new plot between his bare fingertips. His radio clicked, and he sighed. Time to get back to work.

HR Lauff was owner and founder of HR Lauff & Associates, the leading supplier of high-end, high-tensile parts and equipment for zero-, low- and variable-gravity conditions. It kept him very busy, but he loved the work and he insisted on keeping a close eye on his projects.

"What is it?"

"We found something you should see. A new possible recruit."

"Send it through."

The HUD of his helmet flickered to opacity as it switched to video-mode. HR watched in silence, his mind a blur, as ever. The clip was short, and when it ended, the HUD cleared, reverting to it's normal display. "Well done, he's perfect. Schedule the first flight out of this system."

"Would you like your usual stateroom?"

"Whatever gets me there fastest. I'll even go coach."

His PA was used to his eccentricity so found no strangeness in this attitude. She herself was hand-picked by HR, and only felt a growing sense of loyalty that another soul would join their ranks. "Which team is he meant for?"

HR grinned. "Which one do you think?"

"Lucky bastard."

"He certainly is." HR shut off the comm and started making his way back to the landing vessel. He certainly is.

Character: HR Lauff
Location: Cups system | Sif moon

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