Tuesday, November 11, 2014

He's FOUND her!

Alright, I saw that Ekair...thieving snakes! Don glared into the waters where he saw those telltale shiny scales, slowly taking another step near to it, That is my rock. My 400 creds! Blast if I'm letting you keep it! He stops moving, staring into the mud. When he sees the telltale glimmer of scales, he pounces!

...and gets quite the regretful handful of sharp scales and faint electricity. Everyone but Don knows better than to grab one of those Ekairs in this lake. Everyone but Don knows to at least have gloves if they must handle one without permission! He gives a loud shout, jerking his hands back and staring at the pricks in his palms. It would take a half hour to pull the scales from them.

Blast! No! Don thought, cursing his luck. He's going to have to go back and play that damnable game again once his hands recover. The cursed lake-snake can keep that worthless rock!

Character: Don | Leslie
Location: Swords system | Tran planet

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