Sunday, November 30, 2014

Found Journals of the Moter Wars, Part 5

"I'm sorry, General Neil. General Wyatt is investigating the problem right now and he will report as soon as he has found something."

"See that he does. Otherwise, I would like hourly reports as to his progress." The General waits until the screen disappears before scowling at the wall, then turns to look at Devin. "Thank you for your report. We'll be keeping up with this from here out. You are to keep silent about this, understand?"

"Yes, Sir." Devin nods and exits the room, closing the thick oak door. Of course. Be quiet about possible attacks, as if this stupid 'accident' of theirs wasn't intentional. That shouldn't be hard, Ater has been attacking us forever.

...But we'd have to send our people there! What if it's a trap?

Series: Found journals
Location: Swords system | Moter planet | Damas moon

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