Sunday, November 23, 2014

Found Journals of the Moter Wars, Part 4

Erin's jaw dropped as she started looking up at the loudspeaker above her and the others in line. Death counts have stopped? Why?

The announcement came again in a deep voice.
"All who were to die before dusk tomorrow, go back to your homes and keep your notice ready. The disintegration machine is temporarily out of order. Be ready to return--" 

Again Erin looks over the other people in line, noticing that several others eyes were wide. I probably look exactly like them. The next, more unwanted, thought almost amused her. Rats must've chewed through everything. Our heroes, sacrificing themselves through electricity. 
Tch. Why can't they just eat all of them.

Series: Found journals
Location: Swords system | Moter planet | Ater moon

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