Sunday, November 16, 2014

Found Journals of the Moter Wars, Part 3

Yep. Everyone wants to be in an important position. Absolutely everyone. Devin shakes his head, leaning back in his seat, I wonder if they'd be as interested if they knew they'd become glorified paper pushers? I can't even hire someone to go through these for me! 

He eyes a group of stapled paperwork before noticing a red stamped envelope that he opens and reads. Ater's having problems with their computers. ...seriously? Then why the hell haven't they kept them up to date? We've had pause upon pause because of them. Someone needs to travel and see what they're doing. I wouldn't doubt those slogs are personally interfering with them!

Frowning, Devin slaps a stickynote with his suspicions and dates of other Ater mechanical failures onto the letter, sending it higher up the chain. He'd see what Commander Neil has to say about this!

Series: Found Journals
Location: Swords system | Moter planet | Damas moon

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