Sunday, November 9, 2014

Found Journals of the Moter Wars, Part 2

You couldn't pay me enough to like working here. An engineer muses, as he takes a wrench from his tool belt. Then scoffs, Not that they're treating you as expendable. What would they do if ya got out of here and got attacked with the rest of them?
...Ah, here we are. Ol' 282.

The man begins to remove the back plate from one of the whirring machines. Probably burned through one of your little wires again, right? Pah! Why don't you destroy something in your 'brain'! It'd take months to get another that would keep up with the current demands. He pulls the metal away, coughing a bit with the released smoke.

When the smoke cleared, he suddenly caught his breath. Hells! I wasn't serious! 

Series: Found Journals
Location: Swords system | Moter planet

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