Sunday, November 2, 2014

Found Journals of the Moter Wars, Part 1

Erin looks down at the small shred of paper in her hand, almost with disbelief. What a grand order that's come to her! She looks up through the clear glass window. Such a beautiful sunset...

So many that she'd seen before and had never really noticed in her busy days. The lovely shade of violet that she'd missed in previous sunsets and how the cover of twilight was beginning to reach through the skies. The few stars that were always the first out.

Those stars. They seemed to be burning bright, happy to share their quiet charm. A few more began to populate the heavens, some glimmering and some barely shining, all of which were setting up the visual medley that just begged to be seen...

Funny that. No one can care, with everything to do during the day. The paper slid from her grip, fluttering quietly to the floor, and found its rest with the written scrawl face down. It didn't matter, the words she'd read had burned into her mind. That, before the next night, she and the rest of her small town must gather at the town hall for one final time.

The calculations of war, decided only by the metal oracles and read by the councils, had found that her section of the country had been wiped clean of any life. Erin focused on the rising moon again.

No. No one cared until there was nothing else to really notice.

Series: Found journals
Location: Swords system | Moter planet

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