Thursday, November 13, 2014

Followed (Chill, Part 2)

A something on a stick, mystery meat, he supposed, though he wasn't wholly convinced it was meat, was pinched between Chill's left fingers. A spittle of juice trailed down his chin, and he mopped it up absently with a lime green handkerchief that he kept in his back right pocket; it was stained with dark spots and old memories.

He walked down the road away from the terminal, letting his feet guide him with no destination in mind. He came to Three to see what there was to see, and to flee the closed environment that was Nanna.

As much fun could be found on Vidar, Chill shuddered, the cliques bordered on cults, and the cults bordered on crime syndicates. He shook his head. It was a mess, but he was free of that now.

Well, mostly.

The traffic petered out as the road dead-ended at the city park, where hawkers were lined up for their long day's work. Change clinked in Chill's right front pocket, and he fingered it with his free hand.

He tossed the empty stick in a nearby public works can, wiped off his fingers, and started walking down the walk, looking for someone with a deck of cards.

Character: Chill | Hawkers
Location: Cups system | Three planet

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