Sunday, November 30, 2014

Character: Lizard "He Does The Tongue Thing" Randall

Name: Lizard "He Does The Tongue Thing" Randall
Vitals: Human male, 9 years old
Family: Alvah Randall, elder brother
Home planet: Three
Current planet: Three
Employment: Student

Lizard Randall is a bully. Lizard is also a victim of his elder brother's bullying.

He was born with a physical deformity, which his parents were too poor to correct (and his elder brother is secretly jealous of), of the first inch of his tongue is split. He also has unusual dexterity in his tongue. For both of these characteristics he was teased about in his early years, which is a partial cause of his status as a bully.

Lizard is much brighter than his brother, and than his teachers give him credit for, but he doesn't like school and thusly has barely passing grades. He also refuses to put much effort in schooling, despite being very quick to learn new concepts.

He suffers from mild kleptomania, for which has has not yet been caught, but is only tempted to steal books.

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