Sunday, November 30, 2014

Character: John "T-bird" Beach

Name: John "T-bird" Beach
Vitals: Human male, 26 years old
Home planet: Nanna of Seven
Current planet: Scale-AE2006-1 and Scales-CB2006-1
Employment: Vacuum Technician for Burning Bridges Inc

John is the only vacuum technician for Burning Bridges' Scales Elevator who works closely with their Ekair workforce. He loves his job and dislikes the company of other humans.

He especially resents the lax and negligent behavior of the rough construction workers who work on the elevator, and is often reduced to repairing their mistakes.

While in school, he was always serious and stern-faced. His classmates called him T-bird in reference to always looking angry, teasing him by asking if his "daddy took the t-bird away."

The Thunderbird is a line of zero-gravity scooters used for transportation between low-gravity, no-atmosphere environments. It is similar to the bicycle popularly used on Three, in terms of speed, maneuverability, cost and demographics of users.

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