Sunday, November 30, 2014

Character: HR Lauff

Name: HR Lauff
Vitals: Human male, 41 years old, 5 ft 9
Home planet: Three
Current planet: Scales-CB2006-1
Employment: HR Lauff & Associates Inc, Owner

HR is the owner and founder of HR Lauff & Associates, and the names his initials stand for is a closely guarded secret; even his work associates don't know. He was an orphan who built his fortune from scratch, and is largely self-taught, though he does hold advanced degrees in business management and engineering. Rumor is that he taught his teachers more than they taught him.

HR has also clocked more hours in zero gravity than most of his employees.

His company specializes in high-tensile materials, and is a primary supplier of Burning Bridges. He prefers to oversee the acquisition of new supplies and installation of large projects first hand.

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