Friday, November 7, 2014

Best and Least (Shaun, Part 1)

Shaun sat in his darkened room, riffling his cards. This particular deck glowed in the dark and was blacklight reactive, though he needed neither feature to know where every card was falling. He shuffled them mindlessly, barely thinking about it, mostly just to warm up his fingers.

On each of the four walls of his room and on the ceiling he had hung a cork-board target that glowed faintly in the light of his blacklights. The rest of his room was dark and bare, but for his bed. All of his other belongings, scant though they numbered, were locked away in his generous closet space.

Finally warm, he set the deck square in front of him, opened his eyes. Picking the cards up in rapid succession, Shaun threw them at the boards randomly, using both hands. Left, right, left, right, until the stack was gone. He laid back on the floor, barely looking at his walls, all the cards standing out of the targets, and sighed.

Shaun Holt was bored.

Character: Shaun Holt
Location: Cups system | Three planet

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