Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A true and honest win, Don!

Where the hell did it go?! Dammit, that was going to be worth 400 creds!  Don sloshed through the waters, some small part of him wishing that he could properly stomp in the muck at his feet! He'd played through so many hands of that trickster's game for that rock...

That blasted rock! The one that he was going to sell for 400 creds! It was going to pay very nicely for a new control-set for his ship! Where could that thing have gone! It took him hours to not only finally learn the rules in that worthless Ramtr game but to earn the money back!

The rock! He dove into the water for a few moments, forcing his hands through the mud, and came back up into the air triumphantly, brushing his wet hair from his eyes--No! No no! This in his hand was just one of the cursed normal stones!

...oh the hells if he was going to go back to Ramtr to play any more of those games. He'd spend the rest of the week in this stupid lake first!

Character: Don
Location: Swords system

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