Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A New Home (Lizard, Part 4)

Tre ripped the page from his notebook and handed it to Lizard, who read it slowly, mouthing the words. As he did so, Tre collected his deck, placed it in a bag he wore around his neck, folded up the tablecloth and put it in a pocket, and stood.

The hawkers stared in wonder. Tre often had profound effects on his customers, but never did he touch them and only very rarely disallow them from seeing their card, let alone leave before the day was done.

Tre walked to a street vendor, fished some coins out of a hidden pocket, and purchased a regular deck of cards. He returned to Lizard, offering them to him, and together they walked off.


Lizard found himself being navigated down, first through a maze of darkening alleys, and then through service tunnels and damp sewers, none smelling as horrifically as his imagination painted, but none smelling like flowers or fresh air either.

Tre came to a halt before a hole in a brick wall that appeared to have been torn open by an explosion, with bricks still laying akimbo from their original resting places in the wall and police tape, faded and forgotten, in an X over the hole. He bent down carefully, barely brushing the once yellow tape, and shuffled inside. Lizard stumbled carefully after him.

His eyes were already well adjusted, but this room was darker than the rest they had passed through, and the dim glow from the sewer petered out quickly. Lizard felt Tre take his elbow and help him along, through a route Lizard couldn't detect, until finally, they came to a wall.

This wall was very different from all past walls they had encountered: it was lined with linoleum tile, and the door set in it was heavy steel. Tre pulled it open, and it swung easily on silent hinges. Behind the door was a dimly lit room with padded walls and a padded floor.

"Is this..." Lizard swallowed heavily, "is this an abandoned hospital?"

Tre nodded.

"Is this your home?"

He nodded again, escorting Lizard inside, releasing his arm, and closing and barring the door behind them.

Character: Hawkers | Lizard Randall | Tre

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